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Phone Calls

Audio Preview

Phone Calls

Sweet and loving phone calls between Glen Benton of Deicide and Christian radio and television evangelist Bob Larson. Originally broadcast live, over the AM airwaves, on Larson's "Talk Back" show, most likely in 1992.

Source Unknown
Run time 17:00



This is a recording of Glen Benton from Deicide and Bob Larson pretending to argue and/or debate on Larson's "Talk Back" AM radio program, probably during 1992.

Other portions of these conversations (not included here) can be heard on the Deicide album "In Torment In Hell".


Reviewer: Josh McCurdy - favoritefavoritefavorite - January 23, 2015
Subject: To the ignorant herd below
I posted this back in 2007, completely unaware of that site, which is now extinct!

And with all due respect, if I had ever known of Crucibelch's or whatever, I would've never had any desire whatsoever to even post this here.

Especially not for the likes of you Golgothans.
Reviewer: inFlames - favorite - December 4, 2008
Subject: inFlames
eh...lame ass reproduction ......... ..

you are a dumbass....

I prefer cruciblekk's site u unoriginal queefcookie.... .. . ..
Reviewer: Demogorgo - favoritefavoritefavorite - November 26, 2008
Subject: shut up
If anyone should be bitching and moaning about plagiarism, it's Bob Larson. Your web site did not produce this show and bootlegging it does not make it your intellectual property.
Reviewer: Mirefrost00 - favoritefavoritefavorite - March 28, 2008
Subject: Addendum....
Though I have to admit, that Larson guy's face really makes me want to punch him. XD
Reviewer: westy72 - - March 26, 2008
Subject: that was retarded
that was stupid as hell for one that wasnt even glen benton!!!! he wouldnt give a fuck what someone said abotu him or his beliefes and threaten anyone or anyhting!
Reviewer: homedelete - favoritefavoritefavorite - December 2, 2007
Subject: Faust DeTempest is a loser.
Dude! Can't you fucking read? He didn't even get the files from that website. He never even knew about it! It's not like he's making any money off of it, so shut up.
Reviewer: Faust DeTempest - favorite - December 1, 2007
Subject: I smell a THIEF!!!
u ought to be hung from a tree and slowly tortured. if you ppl dont know......this pathetic fag stole these audio recordings from Cruciblekks Chronicles website. i thought cruciblkkes site was down but i guess not. Fuk u ya pussy. Hailz Lord Benton!!!
Reviewer: khristbait - favorite - May 18, 2007
Subject: Wow.. hilarious
never have I heard two people who are so full of their own shit. They BOTH need their religious obsessions beaten the fuck out of them. That was hilarious.
Reviewer: wayne77 - favorite - February 25, 2007
Subject: Josh McTurdy: Pioused Plagiarist?
Dangerous merely brought it up. And like a good plagiarizer, you prefer to cover it up. You didn't obtain these recordings from "tapes". They came from a site DT had mentioned which provides these recordings in streaming (not downloadable) format.

What DT didn't mention is Soulseek's TOS, in particular the part where they mention:

"Soulseek(tm) does not endorse nor condone the sharing of copyrighted materials. You should only share and download files which you are legally allowed to or have otherwise received permission to share. By using this network you agree to this and the other rules which are linked to from this page."

Whether you obtained these recordings from a peer to peer file sharing program, or stole them straightaway from the very site that these recordings originally came from, those recordings are copywritten material, and your admission here as to how you obtained them should be enough to get this audio pulled from Internet Archive.

In any event, DT is right. If you're going to use something and distribute it, the very least you can do is credit the source.
Reviewer: dangeroustoys - favorite - February 25, 2007
Subject: Credit Where Credit is Due...
It should be rightly acknowledged that these clips were patently swiped from Cruciblekk's Chronicles Web Site -- -- the original online source for all that is Bob Larson vs. Glen Benton.
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